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Business Transformation

Business Transformation Services

Mind Over Matter provides business transformation services and consultancy, specialising in the fields of business transformation, change management, leadership and team working. It is actively involved with a wide range of clients including, the health care sector, security, crowd management, the public sector, education, events, dance, entertainment, and health and safety.

These services focus on service change, commercial development and moving from a transactional to a more transformation approach to leadership and management.

Services delivered by Mind Over Matter include:

  • The development of the strategic vision, mission and objectives and ensuring these objectives are then met through planning protocols
  • Developing and transforming organisational design and culture
  • Team development to meet the transformation project
  • Workflow: re-engineering and optimisation
  • Post implementation service reviews for all aspects of the
  • Service optimisation
  • Quality and performance improvement initiatives
  • Creating, tracking and maintaining Key Performance Indicators
  • Communication planning, implementation and management
  • Client, employee and partner engagement and management

What do we do?

We create, design, implement, manage, track and monitor the business transformation process.

  • Firstly, through a bespoke report programme assessing the key team players and reporting back to the MD/CEO on the suitability of the team to take the desired process forward.
  • Secondly, through a strategy and planning process creating measurable objectives linked to the vision that are fit for purpose and encompassing best practice.
  • Thirdly, working with the team to create the best-fit delivery options to maximise buy-in and delivery.
  • Fourthly, creating KPIs that are not dreams but are achievable and measurable.
  • Finally, to implement the transformation, measure and monitor the outcomes in line with the identified programme reporting back to the MD/CEO with the critical success factors.

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