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A partnership creating a one-stop shop for all your resilience needs

This unique transatlantic partnership between ATLAS and Mind Over Matter combines the best of business continuity, emergency, risk and crisis management with health, safety and crowd management to create an exclusive, holistic offer to the resilience market.

With education in a state of flux and college and university provision of resilient services facing an uncertain climate through acts of terrorism, lone shootings, business continuity interruptions, climate change as well as software and hardware failures our team can deliver long medium and short term solutions to the simple or the most complex problems. We offer a service that is bespoke and not off the shelf and work with you to create the best-case scenario solutions for your business.

Our offer is unique as it delivers bespoke training, integrated solutions and an after care service to follow through on support activities to make sure that you are left with a reassurance that someone is there if questions or elements of uncertainty creep in.

atlasOur offer includes:

  • Business continuity advice, plans, strategies and follow up
  • Emergency management training and consultancy
  • IT Disaster recovery strategies, plans and implementation
  • Crisis management strategies, plans and implementation
  • Risk identification, assessment and management frameworks, training and practices
  • Crowded space management for all aspects of campus, college or university life from sports and music events to everyday crowed spaces as well as riot training, ingress, egress and circulation support
  • Health & Safety training and implementation followed by plans and strategies
  • Security assessments
  • Risk mitigation

Our service is provided on three levels:

  1. The training level. Where our trainers and educators work with you to create programmes bespoke to your organisations in all of the areas outlined above
  2. The consultancy level. Where our consultants work with you to create supportive and integrated solutions to your problems r issues
  3. The planning and strategizing level. Where our consultants and field experts support you in the development and implementation of plans to support sustainability in your organisation.

For further details of these and other services call 07834 140 598

Courses Available In The USA

For further information about course dates and prices for the courses listed below email chris.kemp@momconsultancy.com or call 0044 1234964020.

Managing Safety & Security At Communication Events

Managing Event Safety & Security In Small & Medium Size Venues

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