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The MOM partnership with the SES Group

ses_grpupMOM is proud of their association with the SES Group. The SES Group has many decades of experience in the successful planning and delivery of a diverse event portfolio. This ranges from small community to more complex events, held at the UK’s largest and most prestigious venues. They are respected throughout the event industry for delivering customised, creative and competitive solutions for each client. Crowd management planning, safety and security underpin our friendly delivery and customer-focused attitude.

Their diverse range of events includes the securing and crowd management of firework parties in a range of London Boroughs, providing security and crowd management activities at parties in the Union Chapel in Islington, the creation and delivery of crowd management plans and complex security arrangements for the Royal Wedding, the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Tour de France and the Commonwealth Games. No task is too small or too big. Whatever, the level, feel, type or style of event we at Show & Event provide a high level of service in the creation of event support tailored to your needs.

The company has undergone a recent expansion, which has seen the creation of both a security division and an academy. MOM and SES have teamed up to provide a range of event and crowd management programmes as well as SES providing level one and two programmes in their own right and MOM providing Leadership, Management and Business programmes apart from the SES Group.

This partnership allows MOM to utilise a range of facilities and administration structures including web support and booking facilities for the programmes delivered.

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