On Wednesday night at the European Festival Awards the Mind over Matter CEO; Professor Chris Kemp, was awarded the “Excellence and Passion Award ” for his work on health, safety and crowd management in Europe over the past two decades. The award was presented to Chris by his long-term friend and colleague, Henrik Bondo Nielsen from Roskilde Festival.

Chris, who has been referred to as a “crowded space innovator” was recognised amongst other award winners at the EFA, which included the Prodigy, Hozier, Agent of the Year Emma Banks and Major Festival of the Year Untold Festival from Romania, who have won this award in their first year of operation.

The award came as a total shock to Chris who was in the audience watching the event after the Yourope Event Safety group dinner during their 21st Seminar.


As Chris received the award he said, “I don’t do awards and certainly don’t win them. This is really for all of those people who work ceaselessly across Europe to make events safer”. His comments afterwards to the other members of the YES Group were that it was the most incredible moment of his career.

Chris returned from Holland to the UK yesterday, after having his beloved gaffe tape confiscated on the flight home by customs in Holland. Even as an award winner in the field of Health & Safety, Chris manages to look suspicious as the reasons for confiscating the tape were concerns that he might tie people on the plane up with it! Very vigilant and well observed Holland customs!

On his return to the UK Chris will continue to work on projects for festivals, venues, train companies, shopping centres, security companies and major associations. These include report writing and testing of crowd management plans, safety audits, course delivery, review of management teams and structures, facilitating tabletop exercises for major events and undertaking leadership programmes and scenario based team activities for major companies, events and venues.

His next venture is to deliver scenario based health, safety, crowd management and leadership programmes in the Middle East and the US.

Well done Chris! All of us at MOM are very proud of your achievements.