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Same Sex Dancing

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Same sex dancing: What’s all the fuss it’s been going on since the beginning of time?

I am not just talking about gay or lesbian dancing but also heterosexual dancing where the partners are either both male or both female.

In dance schools across the world where there is a female teacher, girls will learn to dance with other girls and where male teachers practice both male and female steps the same delivery is just as appropriate. During exam sessions, it is now recognised that males can choose to dance with their male partner or teacher.

In Argentina in the late 19th century there was an absence of women to dance with and competition was tough as Daniel Trenner from Smith College Massachusetts states:

“There was a much greater population of eligible young men than women.  The men lived together in tenement housing, and one of the few places where they might hope to meet a young woman was at a social dance. But the competition was fierce, so you did not go to dance with a girl not knowing how to dance.

Men would practice together, perfecting their polka and waltz so that they could impress a woman when the time came. It seems the tango began in the tenements as the men’s fantasy dance.”

Trenner further states that:

“The risqué thing that made the tango different from other dances is you put your leg in between the space between the follower’s legs.

“The tango was their fantasy dance of what they’d like to do with the girls but didn’t get to.”

Yet again the media and bigots have a field day regarding something which no one who accepts our changing society gives a damn about. Stirring up the gullible British public into a frenzy about, well, not very much really.

I suppose at least it has created a debate and raised the ratings of a show where the celebrities have fallen from B list to Z list in a very short space of time.


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