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Same Sex Dancing

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Same Sex Dancing: If you want to soak up a brilliant atmosphere have a great time and see people really enjoying themselves, this is the place to be.

I thought that I had seen it all. I thought that there was nothing left to surprise me. But I was wrong. I took my wife to the Rivoli Ballroom last week to judge a same sex dancing competition for Ballroom and Latin. I was astounded by the passion and brilliance of the whole afternoon.

The atmosphere:

Was totally absorbing, friendly, lacking in any aggression and just a great and safe place to be.

The people:

Were just thoroughly enjoying themselves, no bitchiness just fun and friendship.

The competition:

A very high level and everyone loved the dance rather than the competition and the prizes of chocolates and certificates showed just how much being there meant to everyone.

The skill level:

Extremely high but catering from people who had just started dancing to those that had been there for years.

The experience:

I looked on in awe as the event unfolded watching such passionate people have such a great time. It is a long time since I have had such a fantastic afternoon in the company of so many fun-loving competitors.

For those who jumped on the bandwagon of horror after the media outburst at the mention of same sex dancing on ‘Strictly’. I suggest that you take a look for yourselves and perhaps you will see that there is far more to dancing than you first thought.

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