Crowd Management Partnership Launch

Today saw the launch of the MOM/iSSUE partnership in Geneva, Switzerland with a full complement taking the “Certificate in Event Safety and Crowd Management programme” and a packed conference in the evening showing how eagerly awaited the safety and crowd management courses are in the country.

The Safety, Security & Crowd Management Participants

Twenty-six people took the first module on the programme; ‘Leadership and Management in Live Events’ from right across the spectrum of event and business sectors. The programme was delivered by Professor Chris Kemp and facilitated by the President of iSSUE ‘Institut Suisse de Sécurité Urbaine et Evènementielle, Pascal Viot.

The Educational Philosophy

The programme comprised the usual Mind Over Matter educational philosophy of learning in the round where small inserts of theory are then tested during work based scenarios in the classroom ensuring that the educational theory is applied and can be then taken away and delivered in their own workplaces.

The Other Modules to be Taught

The other modules to be taught in French in Switzerland will be:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency & Crisis management
  • Evacuation & Invacuation Planning
  • Scientific Notions of Crowd Management & Practice
  • Crowd Management Planning
  • Control Room Management

Pascal Viot stated “This partnership between Mind over Matter and iSSUE to deliver the Certificate in Event Safety and Crowd Management in Geneva is a unique opportunity for us to bring the knowledge and expertise on this domain out of UK and make it available for organisers, officials and security companies in the French speaking part of Europe. There is a real need for education and good practices that we try so to cover. Always the aim is to move towards safer events and to provide the welfare and security conditions for the attendees.

I have worked with Professor Chris Kemp for more than 10 years, I must say he’s one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in this field of knowledge on Crowd Management and Event Security. I first met him as a participant of the Yourope Event Safety Group that he leads. I learned a great deal within this network, providing seminars and training for festivals as a’ Head of Security. I realised then, the lack of knowledge in the field in Switzerland and moreover in the South European countries where ‘event security’ is still considered more as ‘crowd control’ than ‘crowd management.’”