Leadership is not just about evolution but also about revolution. So many leaders that I know are steeped in the textbook leadership styles.

This week I met two extraordinary leaders, both revolutionaries.

The first, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who pushed the boundaries of his own business to help others in the same predicament.

The second was a man who travelled from Eritrea to Egypt in his mother’s womb. She was a war-injured refugee. He now leads Peace by Peace, a festival which helps to dispel the stigma of being a refugee.

Their advice is that leaders are extraordinary and can do extraordinary things on all levels not just from the front but from the back, the middle, the side and just anywhere where a difference can be made.

Over the last few months, we have interviewed leaders from all walks of life, from a hostage negotiation expert, a mental health guru, a boxing promoter and a premier dance teacher to a campaigner for disabled rights at live events, a festival director, a crowd safety specialist and many more. I have even taken part myself.


We want to lift the lid on leadership and influence celebrating all of its forms. Whether you have reached a point beyond your expectations, are a mentor or are trying to find where you are most at home within a team and your own personal fulfillment, we’d love to hear from you.

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