The Games People Play-Will Brexit Create a Resilient Business Market: Politics and Business Chris Kemp Says it as he sees it.

Only days after being found wanting in the area of scenario testing for Brexit, the Government and the opposition are at it again, ably cheered on in the cauldron of histrionics by the Eurocrats.

Having found a new word to chew over albeit an honest, ‘No’ which has given the Government a new way to answer the criticism in their lack of business scenario planning.

How refreshing and bum squeakingly awkward, but it seems that incompetent planning is OK as long as you are sorry for not planning at all.

With Brussels plotting the downfall of Teflon Teresa and the Hunt’s and Johnson’s of this world being resurrected as superheroes willing to stand up for the mistakes that they have made in the past (rubbing them out with briefcase-sized erasers) who should come creeping up on the outside but Uncle Jeremy with his merry band of just as incompetents.

Jeremy’s love affair with the EU and the plotting to oust the Teflon lady gain momentum could there be a sniff on the horizon of a Boxing Day election where the Irish border becomes a piece of tape and Uncle Jezza tries to gain more power than is reasonable and we can all go home happy with Angela Merkel as our Home Secretary.

Remember strange things do happen in politics. I can think of a few war criminals who might be shaking in their boots.

Oh, how we wish Doctor David had told everyone the ins and outs of leaving the European Union.

If you were computer savvy and had a degree in mathematics you just might have been able to find a few lines of explanation somewhere on social media, but it’s all about what is not said and too much was left unsaid.

This week’s missing out of Trump admonishments was again a gaffe showing how when you give a buffoon a responsible job, he prefers to play hunt the slipper with his mates in the dormitory rather than write a cogent speech.

It seems that we are all pretty scared to cross the bewigged leader probably because he has Parkinson’s finger and we don’t quite know which buttons he is going to press.

The lovely Teresa even stood her ground, which is more than can be said for her cabinet of Dr. Cagliari’s who like their Italian counterpart hide deceit and backstabbing beneath their togas (Nothing like mixing the historical metaphors).

I would say, whatever happened to honest politics but I can’t because there has never been honest politics, hence the Oxford Dictionary meaning of politics, ‘A bunch of old boys slapping each other’s backs with knives as the vulture’s circle to pick up the pieces and make just as bad a job.’

We must be the laughing stock of Europe with our quirky outdated system which ignores the heart of business in this country and allows the few to continue to line their pockets whilst the poor get poorer.

The UK has always been good at pulling the cat out of the bag but as we slowly drift into an uncomfortable Brexit where no work has been done on the outcomes and no scenario planning taken place, we are in danger of destroying what the people of this country have taken years to build.

This Government and the opposition really need to grow a pair, work together for an outcome and put some pride back into this toiling country.

It’s no good getting down with the youth of today and it seems that every politician that comes along seems to have been in a band or is hip and trendy.

Unfortunately, they are not. They are cold, old-fashioned and frightened. ‘Don’t panic Mr. Mainwearing’ should be the mantra at the moment as there is little substance behind the veneer.

Get a grip, give us some policies to be proud of and fight the corner that needs to be so clearly fought.

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