Round up of some of our favourite Influential Leader interviews

2017 has been an incredibly busy year for us all here at Mind over Matter. We have been busy relaunching our website and also, back in August, we began our weekly Influential Leaders interviews which have been a big success and taken us into all kinds of fields seeing what makes people tick and how they reach the pinnacles of their respective industries.

This has been hugely enjoyable and such an eye-opener into a huge range of industries, businesses and of course, individuals and we have made new friends along the way.

What do a boxing promoter, mental health guru, HR expert, festival director, leadership & security expert and campaigner for access for disabled at live events have in common? Meet Natasha Devon MBEMickey HellietDavid Cant, our CEO Professor Chris KempPascal Viot and Suzanne Bull MBE to find out more.

They have all taken part in our Influential Leaders’ interviews on the Mind Over Matter blog.

Find out how these influential people, who we at MOM admire and love to work with, start their day, what their best and worst jobs were, whether or not they feel that leadership is nature or nurture and what guilty pleasures have helped them along the way.

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