Mind Over Matter (MOM) Consultancy Ltd is looking for a qualified and experienced event and entertainment lawyer to deliver on the renowned Event & Crowded Spaces Programme.

There is an initial course which is to be delivered on 11th April 2018 in Dublin titled ‘Legal Aspects of Event Management’, which forms part of the NAA (National Arenas Association) Professional Certificate and Diploma in Event & Safety Management.

MOM will provide a module pro-forma and will provide full administrative support regarding all aspects of the course delivery.

The successful candidate will receive payment for delivery, plus expenses* and there may be the opportunity for further work on the Mind Over Matter Event & Crowded Space Programme.

To register your interest, request further information or to discuss any aspect of this position, please contact chris.kemp@momconsultancy.com.


*expenses will cover accommodation in Dublin for one night, plus necessary travel.

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