Danish workshops and seminar well received at Security and Crowd Management Seminar

Chris Kemp CEO of Mind Over Matter was invited to take part in a Danish security and crowd management seminar and a day-long workshop alongside Sabine Funk the Managing Director of IBIT. The events were organised by Concom Safety and Roskilde Security Director Morton Therkildsen.

The evening seminar; held in the centre of Copenhagen was attended by 80 police, security, crowd management and safety specialists and focused on planning and crowd behaviour. Both speakers stressed the main features of planning, management, communication and resilience in the development of events.

The seminar began with the presentation to Henrik Bondo Nielsen of an award for outstanding achievement in Health, Safety and Crowd Management from Yourope, the European Festival Association who are 20 years old this year.

The following day saw two workshops at the Roskilde Festival Headquarters in Roskilde 30 minutes from Copenhagen, the first on Team Building where Chris Kemp provided the Ultimate Grand Prix Scenario for the 30 participants where they focused on problem-solving, decision making, leadership and team building.

The second workshop by Sabine Funk focussed on the importance or paperwork and how this contributed to the important trail which was needed to ensure that an event went as planned. Both sessions were well received by those participating and it helped the Festival, the police, and other attendees to crystalise their thoughts around a range of developing areas.

MOM would like to thank Concom Safety and Roskilde Festival for both their hospitality and delivery skills for the two events which went off without a hitch.


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