The incompetence of Amber Rudd caused her to gracefully step down from her position as Home Secretary, but the incompetents in politics use her to deflect the heat from themselves whilst still staying in positions of power.

Diane Abbott continues in her position gaffe after gaffe showing that she is not fit to be in a position that one day might see her in real power.

However, the Teflon coat is slowly slipping away. Jeremy Corbyn continues to shirk responsibility whilst Boris Johnston buffoons his way to even greater faux pas’.

What qualifications do you need to be a politician today? A degree, a public school education or a single brain cell that shows you are alive when you breathe on a mirror it seems.

Listening to callers on Five Live gives me more hope for the country that listening to the knee-jerk politics of the many in power or in waiting.

When the lure of self-interest outweighs the importance of individuals and the collective worth of the country it makes me sad to be British. But, it’s like trying to change your football team, If they lose continually you still support them hoping for the better times.

Unfortunately, I am a Sunderland supporter and the last mega day was in 1973. Thinking back to then I have trouble remembering a brilliant political decision since.

Although I voted to remain, I take my hat off to Theresa May who has at least stuck to her guns. I dread to think what a mess we would be in if Jeremy, Diane or Boris had taken the reigns.

Even Michael Gove, once disgraced but soon forgiven, might have made a better fist than those in waiting but seriously without some sort of brilliant deal with Europe we are doomed to Second Division football for eternity.