As the resignations fly in like confetti at a Gypsy Wedding and the dust settles on Chequers we take a peek into the Chequers garden and see the broken Boris Banners, Jeremy Hunt dusting down his Teflon coat as he takes on yet another job that he won’t be able to cope with. Behind the bush stands Michael Gove rubbing his hands at the prospect of more dissent and disunity. The smoking chimenea with Boris’s underpants still burning on it whilst they sent out the smoke signals to tell us all that they had elected a new Dope.

But, there she is in the middle still trying to get a deal, still trying to convince the public schoolboys to rise to the challenge. Dream on Theresa.

If we look back to 2016, the promises of this soft and beautiful Brexit were what a large percentage of the country were wishing for. But how many would still be in the leave camp now? Well, quite a few going on the Radio 5 listeners (or was that lunatics) who, just today gave their Brexit Good feeling index scores. Some with 7’s and 8 ‘s whilst others scored it a meagre 1 and 2.

I like these debates because everyone has a good point to deliver and all are very believable whether they are for leave or remain.

However, in 2016 it was impressive that no one really thought that GREAT Britain would be given a hard ride. Let’s face it, ‘what did the British ever do for us’ they say, apart from conquer them, beat them at sport and nick their sun loungers on package holidays.

Our once great nation could become great again, it could but when and at what cost? The EU policymakers have us by the nuts.

What self-respecting Eurocrat would let a tiny little country (ooops, Island) leave the EU with a good deal. Because that would be a sure way of letting every other country think. ‘Hey if we bugger off from the EU we might get the same deal.’

It is the recipe for disaster and the bloody-minded foolishness that creates unrest and the possibility of war and focuses the mind on all of the bad things in our cultures.

The right wing loonies are out in force, spreading the word of what it will mean to be British and just how Great we will be. Hopefully we will win the World Cup, but will this just create another platform for them to show what can be done when we are a separate nation.

Having national pride is one thing but being nationalistic is another, a subtle difference perhaps but how many dictatorships were formed in the wake of a small victory.

However, many of those talking at the moment of how great we could be have valid points, we work hard, we can turn economies around and we have enough wealth in our little island to make it work.

But we need a plan and a team of industry leaders to help drive the country forward. What we don’t need is a bunch of squabbling short trousered schoolboys and schoolgirls thinking that if we win at conkers, everything will be OK.

I may sound like a record but if only we had taken heed of the way in which other countries in Europe work. The parties sitting down together to create the policies for the next five years and then if the government changes keeping to the agreed policies. This supports integration, working together and being able to forge perhaps a Brexit deal which although not the best will be uniformly sound.

Don’t fuck up this country, because remember in the words of the Manic Street Preachers “If we tolerate this then your children will be next”.

This is not ostensibly about us but about future generations. Make the right decisions on Brexit and we create a future for all. Get it wrong and the pain will last for decades.

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