E3S: Presentation Preview

Just when you thought the E3S agenda couldn’t get any more relevant for the live event industry, here’s your weekly update with three more sessions to catch on 30 October…

Crowd & Crisis Communication: The rise of a new concept

While many rigid communication concepts have reached their limits, a new approach uses the voice of personal crisis communicators. Daniel Brunsch introduces The Guardian Angels who serve as a direct connection between the objectives and needs of event organizers and visitors. Brunsch presents the initiative’s practical findings and explains why current concepts of safety communication need to be rethought.

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From Paris to Manchester: How far have we come?

The terror attacks in Manchester and Paris brought home just how vulnerable crowded spaces are and how protecting them can be a difficult task. Andrew Smith, who has led a review of event safety for the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) working group, summarises the lessons learned from previous attacks and identifies how the new group will be taking these lessons forward to support safer events.

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Alternative Approaches to High Footfall Screening

Over the last 12 months, the Home Office and its partners have been carrying out live trials of alternative methods and new technology at some of the country’s busiest and most popular venues, such as The O2, The National Gallery, The NEC and Thorpe Park. Shaun Hipgrave details how the live trials have developed the confidence of venue owners to deploy cutting-edge tech in support of their operations for screening visitors to their venues.

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Getting Noticed at E3S

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received after E3S last year was for more hands-on demonstrations of security solutions and technology. As a result, we’ve introduced a limited number of trade stand spaces at E3S this year, as well as several other marketing opportunities.

The main focus of E3S is to communicate ideas, solutions and best practice to all those attending. But with many of the world’s leading venues, festivals and event producers in the room, E3S is a great platform to promote relevant services and solutions.

For more information about the various marketing and promotional opportunities on offer, please contact Terry McNally (Terry@ilmc.com, +44 (0)20 3743 0304).

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