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The Positive & Negative Aspects of Drones in the Event Environment

Presented by Jasper Weijman of Bavak Security


This session, which looked at the positive and negative aspects of drones in the event environment, is one that has been much anticipated by the members of the YES Group.

As a fairly new technology, it is important to understand all the implications and capabilities of drones, so as this can be reflected in health and safety documentation, emergency planning and business continuity…key areas of any festivals health and safety operation.

The session also provided great insight into drone legislation and how drones may actually be used to benefit event production, security and crowd monitoring.


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The presentation can be downloaded at the link below until 7th February 2019.

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This session was delivered at the 27th YES Group European Health & Safety Seminar at ESNS 19.The YES Group is a subsidiary of Yourope, with a focus on event health and safety.For more information about the group, who hold twice yearly seminars for those working in the event and festival industry, please