crowded space

It is fair to say that there are numerous opportunities for study in the crowded space industry, but the MSc Crowded Space Design, Management & Risk Analysis is the only programme of its type in the world…

Written by one of the originators of the Foundation Degree and Level 6 top-up programmes in Crowd Management and supported by a team of international key thought leaders within the industry, this programme is the natural progression for those looking to enhance, develop and expand their high-level knowledge in this area.

The MSc Crowded Space, Design, Management & Risk Analysis is unique in a number of ways:

  • It only takes one year to complete 
  • The focus of the programme is on the participant’s workplace, which makes it instantly applicable and valuable to the work setting
  • It is delivered using a unique teaching methodology and approach
  • It focuses on the future development of crowded spaces in the dynamic industries 
  • It combines the physical and psychosocial aspects in a truly interdisciplinary approach
  • It provides the opportunity to create and test new theory and then practice this in the workplace

The MSc Crowded Space Design, Management & Risk Analysis is split into three trimesters:

Trimester 1

  • Spatial Planning, Topography, Urban and Non-urban Design
  • Psychosocial Engineering for Crowded Space
  • Organisational Culture and the Management of Crowded Space

Trimester 2

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Spatial Problems in Crowded Environments
  • The Changing Crowded Space
  • Research Methods

Trimester 3

  • Dissertation

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