Lies, incompetence and deceit – How to fight a General Election

Waking up and being positive on the dreaded Friday 13th is something that for many is a difficult enough proposition. However, add the result of an election fought by the incompetent, the deluded and the no-hopers it has a more significant appeal.

What choice did we really have and did we choose the lesser of three evils? A compulsive liar who still stands for the short trousered Etonian ideals and is so out of touch with the people it is unreal (Let them eat cake). Or the Corbyn/Abbot duo, less like Batman and Robinnet and rather more like clueless and hopeless. Did they really think that the country would vote for such a toxic pair steeped in the controversy of anti-Semitism? Or the untested in Jo Swinson, someone who’s personality disappeared in ever-decreasing circles over the weeks leading up to the election.

By the time it came for the chance for all party’s to finally sell their wares, the jaded realisation of the Brexit party was sad as they had a chance to offer much but failed to really deliver and the Greens whose impassioned speeches about what the country really needed were far too late and fell on deaf ears even though they actually made sense. The SNP provided unity and a real drive, but will Boris really allow the disintegration of the union, I doubt it.

So where are we, the people of this country in all of this (I am not talking here of the top 2% who placed bets on the outcomes of every aspect along the way and staged managed the finale so that they could maximise their already grossly inflated incomes), I have my book ready to tick off all of the false promises made by Boris in the run-up to the election culminating in the worst deal possible from Brexit. We know that whatever happens, it will be “the best deal that we could have got” but somehow perhaps the shine will have rubbed off by then.

I am hunting around to see who will make the best successor to Corbyn’s political dream and wait with bated breath for the New, New Labour Movement or as we say the “Same as it ever was” movement. With Scottish blood now on a roll in the Liberal Democrats, will we see some sort of drive for a breakup or will the defense of Boris’ centralisation stop this in its tracks, who knows?

Interesting times are ahead but what really does this country want. Well, my answer is honesty, integrity, truth, and passion about the people, something that we have not seen for at least eight decades and probably will never see until someone with some sort of charisma takes a stand. Oh, perhaps that was what Tony Blair did, ah no I am wrong again he started a war, lied about various key aspects of government policy and yes just like all of them got away with it. What we just need is care and stability, a strong NHS, fair immigration policy and a redistribution of wealth so that everyone can live above the poverty line. Is it that much to ask of those already lining their pockets with their winnings from a truly awful election process.

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