CEO Chris Kemp


We’ve had what has almost certainly been the busiest January and February we have ever experienced… only now our feet have finally touched the floor and we’re able to look back and reflect on what was an amazing 2019… here are our handpicked highlights…

HS2 Project Euston

The Euston project with Network Rail was completed with some interesting results but the most important element for MOM was the identification of the different types of travellers and their behaviours.  From this a comparison with other areas of crowded space can be made which is useful in future project working with both transport hubs and venues.

Pope’s visit to Romania

Working with MOM associate Pete Dalton, and also with the force behind the event Codruta Vulcu, this huge show in Sibiu went off without a hitch.  After some difficult consultations with the police and military it became apparent during the event that they had taken on board all of the key messages that the team had delivered.  Codruta was in control and managed a very tricky event brilliantly and was commended by the Pope himself.

Olympic Way Steps Project for Wembley Stadium

MOM has been an integral part in the iconic steps project for the last two years and has been working with the Wembley team and Quintain the developers to create a safety system to ensure that all of those visiting the stadium will be safe during ingress and egress.

Systems and relationship workshop development for London NYE team

For the last fifteen years MOM’s CEO has worked with Jack Morten on the London New Year’s Eve Tabletop event.  This year it took a departure from the norm focusing on decision makers, problems solvers and operational staff in three different groups.  The feedback was excellent and showed how these elements contributed to a successful event.

British Olympic Team Leadership Programmes for Toyko 2020

MOM has been working with individuals and the collective team from the Canoe Slalom team going to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as well as with the psychologists from the English Institute of Sport.  This fascinating insight into the minds of top coaches and other key personnel in the team was a very special moment in the year.

MOM Courses

MOM has continued to provide a range of courses for businesses and associates across Europe this year including partnership programmes with Issue in Switzerland, IBIT in Germany and RF Experience in Denmark.  The NAA programmes continue to thrive with programmes in Bournemouth and the first four-day course was introduced.  New partners have also emerged including the Roundhouse in London, Securigroup in Glasgow courses as well as continuing partners at Liverpool M&S Arena, Wembley Stadium and the SEC in Glasgow.

It’s been a real rollercoaster year and one we won’t forget in a hurry… although 2020 is already shaping up to be just as exciting and we’re looking forward to sharing our news with you as it happens… are you ready to join us on our 2020 journey?

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