Counter Terrorism

Today sees the launch of the MOM Counter Terrorism and Security Portfolio. This quality submission includes courses,
consultancy and executive education to create a seamless delivery based on high quality and a solution-based

Programme Introduction

Our high-quality immersive learning programmes support those working across the whole spectrum of counter terrorism and security both in indoor and outdoor spaces of any size or designation. The use of case studies, and scenarios reflecting real-life real-time issues and challenges provide our clients with both an interactive and immersive experience. This high pressure, hands-on approach to the security environment also develops and tests a range of key skills and competencies.

Our tutors, facilitators and associates are experts in their fields with extensive industry and/or educational experience. All of our courses are bespoke to fit our client base and all assessment and reporting provides competency information.

Our counter terrorism provision includes a range of services which are bespoke to each client and create a robust and resilient solutions-based outcome. In the counter terrorism and protective security areas we offer the following;

• A review of safety & security structures
• Bespoke threat and vulnerability assessments
• An event ‘needs analysis’ that enables top down and bottom up reviews
• Advice on forthcoming Martyn’s law (Duty to Plan to Protect) requirements
• Operational Review to inform Protective Security Mitigation Options
• Ensuring that Event Safety, Security & Service requirements are integrated through plans
• Testing & exercising of plans
• Qualifiable and quantifiable analyses
• Counter Terrorism Courses
• Negotiation and communication training programmes
• Immersive live and tabletop exercises
• Executive education
• Organisational culture and competency audits
• Duty of care courses

Alongside these elements of counter terrorism and protective security, we offer high-level executive education. This includes programmes and support in negotiation and influence as well as working in teams, communication, problem-solving, and leadership in difficult situations.

Our work is provided by occupationally & operationally competent professionals well versed in both the theory and practice of counter terrorism, negotiation, and security needs in a range of areas including major events in crowded space and in theatres of conflict across the world.

Counter Terrorism and Security Portfolio

Contact or phone 07834 140598 for further details.

MOM Lead Associate for Protective Security – Pete Dalton 07789 685942
MOM Lead Associate for Negotiation and Communication – Andrew Brown 07790 632223.