Roskilde Festival – Missing you!

This is usually a big time of year for MOM – when we spend time working in Denmark to support our many good friends at the mighty Roskilde Festival.  Of course this year it’s different.  In fact, everything is different, but it doesn’t stop us from thinking about what should have been…  here’s how our CEO Professor Chris Kemp feels about not taking the trip…
“This July, I would, like many years before, be flying out to Roskilde; my favourite festival (alongside Wacken), and working with some of my best friends on some sort of brilliant and fun project. However, sadly not this year owing to our situation. I send my thoughts to all of those involved and all of those who were going and look forward to seeing you all again next year for this spectacular feast of music and arts.”

Click on the link below to view a snapshot of the 2019 festival.

Roskilde Festival 2019

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