COVID19 Webinar: Events, Venues, Festivals and Crowded Spaces now available to watch

This fourth Webinar, on the 25th June, revisited the first group of speakers in our series to find out how the environment and context have changed over the last three months and how this is shaping their destiny in the event, festival; and venue world. We found out what has been learned about working practices, staff morale, different approaches, and business as usual as we move towards some sort of deployment for events going forward. Our panellists included Danielle Kennedy-Clark (TheO2), Liam Boylan (Wembley Stadium), Sam Oldham (The Roundhouse), Pascal Viot (Paleo Festival) and Morten Therkildsen (Roskilde Festival) and we would like to thank them for their time as they provided us with invaluable input by returning to talk about these areas in one of the most difficult periods in modern history.

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