MOM Consultancy are working with clients to support them in considering emerging International C-19 and Event Guidance to enable Bio -Safety governance, policy and mitigation to be integrated into all areas of Event Management through the lifecycle of the event.

Working with you our experienced consultants can identify how the Event Management Team (EMT) needs to be adopted to include a Covid Officer. Through the EMT a systematic review of the lifecycle of the event through analysis, risk management, planning, quality assurance, briefing, delivery and review can be achieved. This will enable C-19 guidance and measures that support maintaining Social Distancing (SD) and reducing the risk of transmission between staff and spectators to be implemented.

A key element is the requirement to reconsider and deliver a new crowd management plan that caters for the spectator journey and experience through the event. Supporting this will be new capacity calculations for arrival, ingress, stasis, circulation, egress and dispersal. We will help you to identify key partners and to broaden your area of operations to cover a zonal approach to event management. It is essential that existing capacities are reviewed.

Our consultants are working internationally in this area, are represented on international bodies and are operationally deployed on. Projects. Around the world. Within the UK our team are occupationally and operationally competent in applying SGSA SG 02 guidance into Event Management Plans. Our experience and expertise enable EMTs and Event teams to deliver integrated Safety, Security & Service enhancing. Spectator experience.

We offer a flexible and scalable service, unique to your event, this will include a project initiation phase, consultation and range of off -site and on-site. Services. This will enable EMTs to understand the emerging guidance, consider new policy and identify a phased plan towards successful delivery.

Importantly, our consultants will incorporate the C-19 mitigation into your EMP as an underpinning functional element that compliments wider management of the event.

Through this service and a subsequent review EMTs will enhance their knowledge of requirements, understand new capacities and implement effective EMPs that manage risks to the lowest level.

This article was written by Pete Dalton. Pete is a Protective Security, Event Management, and Incident Command Consultant, working with MOM and NCS4 / Interpol on safety, security, and service at major events. He has commanded and supported events of national and international significance including the Royal Wedding 2018.