Follow the European #SAFE project on the Live Industry and Event Security at the ILMC web conference on Friday 05th March at 3pm (UTC).

SAFE is a European project, led by 8 European partners specialized in the live and event security industry. Its objective is to develop the skills of professionals in charge of the security of events and music venues. In 2020, SAFE has evolved to address the issue of health security as one of its priorities, in order to rapidly provide practical and theoretical solutions to the main challenges of crowd management in times of health crisis. The concert-tests currently being held throughout Europe, and soon in France, are at the heart of the project consortium’s reflections.

The team of high-level experts at the heart of the SAFE project will share the results of 3 years of research and experimentation.
With the exceptional participation and testimonies of : Pascal Viot (iSSUE), Chris Kemp (Mind Over Matter Consultancy), Yvan Boudillet (The Lynk), Gerard van Duykeren (TSC Crowd Management), Laura Brands (TSC Crowd Management), Paul Williams (AEG – O2 Arena London), Coralie Berael (Forest National Bruxelles), Victoria Matthews (European Arenas Associations).


PRODISS, Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM), International Live Music Conference (ILMC), TSC Crowd Management, European Arenas Association, Wallifornia

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