Readiness exercise for major events at Wembley Stadium

It’s been 18 months since MOM’s last live tabletop, and after two weeks of online tabletops providing readiness exercises for major events in both June and July, last week the team arrived at Wembley Stadium to deliver two readiness exercises. The first for the Stadium and the second for a major event.

It was brilliant to be back, made all that more special by the enthusiasm of those participating who kept the MOM team on their toes and showed just how important interoperability is to their teams, and the provision of safety, security and service. A big thanks to the Wembley team for making us feel so welcome and also for showing everyone just how important face to face interaction is.

Tabletop, live and other exercises are a key part of ensuring compliance, readiness, interoperability and the quality of events, venues and internal and external staff. They are important because they may be the most appropriate way in which to test and ensure readiness for all or part of an event. We all have a duty of care to those attending, working and participating in events and these exercises can inform plans, increase awareness, reiterate key policies and plans and of course highlight strengths and weaknesses.

MOM have provided these types of exercises for events across the world and have provided eight bespoke exercises for clients in the past week.

Chris Kemp at Wembley Stadium delivering readiness exercises for major events

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