Protecting Crowded Space

Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM) and Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd (CDSSL) are offering a free, online and interactive course this September which focuses on protecting crowded space.

It examines the changing dynamics and psychosocial impacts of managing and securing events and venues in uncertain times. The speakers will focus on how both theoretical and practical aspects are being re-examined and re-imagined as we continue to work outside what we perceived as the normal. The protect duty and Covid safe aspects of todays society will feature throughout. 

You will learn about the fascinating world of safety, security and service and how the people delivering today help to change the way that we perceive, measure and support the changes taking place in society.

Course Structure

This course will be delivered online on the 30th September 2021 and will take place from 14:30 to 20:00 BST.

The first part will feature three top International event managers. They will be discussing how Covid-19 has impacted on their events and how they are coping now as we move towards full capacity in most venues.

The managers are:

  • Thomas Rydahl – Head of Safety, Security & Service COP Covid-19 Project Leader for the European Football Championships in Denmark.
  • Danielle Kennedy-Clark – Deputy General Manager of the O2, the world’s most successful Arena.
  • Sam Oldham – Venue Director of the Roundhouse, one of the UK’s most iconic small venues.

Following this there will be four, one hour interactive live presentations that will take place with key players in this field. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each presentation.

The topics and speakers are:

  • Crowd Management by Professor Chris Kemp (expert in crowd science/counterterrorism and CEO of MOM consultancy)
  • Counterterrorism by Peter Dalton (international Protective Security Consultant)
  • Crowd Science by Pascal Viot (specialist in crowd management and emergency planning) 
  • Risk by Morten Therkildsen (expert for crowd safety management in Scandinavia) 

After the four sessions the key players will be joined by Peter Ashwin (principal of Event Risk Management Solutions). He will chair a panel session with the speakers and provide some context on the Prevent Strategy and the levels of risk being experienced at the present time.

Further Information

Further information and application details for the introductory course can be found at:

Physical and psychosocial aspects of protecting crowded space

This one-day introductory course can be followed by four, one-day specific courses. They focus on key areas of crowd management/dynamics, counterterrorism, risk and safety.

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Protecting Crowded Space