Managing Events In Uncertain Times

Back in May 2021, MOM was involved in a very successful virtual event by the IIFX looking at managing events in uncertain times. It was calledRisk in Today’s Volatile and Uncertain World: Conversations, Ideas, and Innovations to Create a Safer World.”

This live, interactive event addressed risk in today’s volatile and uncertain world – from pandemics, terrorism, changing crowd dynamics, and rethinking how future audiences will consume live sports and entertainment.

Adding to this discussion, a recent article by looks at how broadcasts of sporting events have changed over this past year. Broadcasters have managed to keep people interested by creating a crowd experience in mostly empty venues. To read more about this topic entitled ‘Fake Crowds : How Live Sports Broadcasts Have Changed’, please follow the link below.

Look out for more about managing events by the IIFX featuring Mind Over Matter Consultancy.

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