MSc Crowded Space Design, Management and Risk Analysis

How would you like to gain invaluable knowledge from world leading professionals? Why not kick start next year by developing your career in crowded space design, management and risk analysis?

In January 2022 MOM Consultancy and Edinburgh Napier University will deliver a brand new, full time, year long MSc in Crowded Space Design, Management and Risk Analysis.  The course will be taught by world leading professionals, including Tim Owen, who is renowned for working on very large-scale, complex, inter-related events within urban environments, especially those that are deemed unusual or unique.

Created for the events industry by the industry, the MSc is a work based programme combining a handful of face-to-face weekend workshops in Edinburgh with workplace learning and online support and assessment.

Edinburgh Napier University has a scholarship of £7,500 available to self-funding students from the EU, offered on a first-come, first-served basis to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria.

The course is taught through a ‘Learning in the Round” philosophy – the facilitators (tutors), experts and participants (who are also experts in specific areas) are interchangeable and therefore provide a foundational platform for the creation of new knowledge, which can be challenged and practiced in the safe environments of the classroom, the workshops and ultimately the participants own work space. 

World leading professional - Tim Owen

We asked Tim what he is most looking forward to about teaching on the course, he said:

“I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experience of a 30 year journey through the events industry with our students on the Edinburgh Napier MSc in Crowded Space Design, Management & Risk Analysis course starting in January!

I’m sharing the lead for the ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches to Spatial Problems in Crowded Environments module’ with Paul Foster.

Amongst the themes we will be wrestling with are the difference between an ‘ideal event plan’ and the reality that many spaces are not purpose built for hosting events and just because you would like people to behave in a certain way….. they might not!

I’m also eager to hear students’ experiences and reflections on their journey so far and how we can help them apply the MSc learning for their future projects.

Course Details

This is a course for those involved in the management of events, festivals or crowded spaces (such as shopping centres, public spaces and transport hubs).

The modules of study are:

  • The Changing Crowded Space
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Spatial Problems in Crowded Environments
  • Research Methods
  • Spatial Planning, Topography, Urban and Non-Urban Design
  • Psychosocial Engineering for Crowded Space
  • Organisational Culture and the Management of Crowded Space

Full details about the course including entry requirements, MOM Consultancy’s course brochure and information about how to apply can be found here:

Application details can also be found at:–risk-analysis–fulltime