On Thursday 30th September MOM held a very successful interactive seminar in partnership with CDSSL entitled physical and psychosocial aspects of protecting crowded space. Morten Therkildsen, who is an expert in crowd safety management in Scandinavia, spoke candidly about assessing risk in crowded spaces.

You can watch a recording of Morten’s one hour presentation below.

Morten will be the key speaker for our next course with CDSSL on assessing risk this December. Details of this course can be found here: Assessing Risk In Major Events

Upcoming Courses

We have four courses on protecting crowded space coming up in 2021/2022.

Please take a look at the links below for more information and application details:

13th December 2021 – Assessing Risk In Major Events by Morten Therkildsen (expert for crowd safety management in Scandinavia).
17th January 2022 – Scientific Notions of Crowd Dynamics by Pascal Viot (specialist in crowd management and emergency planning).
14th February 2022 – Managing and Supervising Crowded Space and Anti-Social Environments by Professor Chris Kemp (an authority in the management of crowded places and CEO of MOM)
7th March 2022 – Counter Terrorism & Protective Security Awareness by Peter Dalton (International Protective Security Consultant).

MOM and CDSSL Partnership

MOM and CDSSL provide new and alternative education programmes/consultancy projects. They combine resources and intellectual property to deliver new and exciting ideas. 

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