Protecting Crowded Space
Peter Dalton (MSyl) teaching the counterterrorism and protective security course; combining live broadcast, interactivity and quality imagery to create a dynamic, online event.

We’ve teamed up with Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd and industry experts to deliver a set of engaging, online courses about protecting crowded spaces.

We would like to thank Peter Dalton (protective security expert & International consultant) for delivering our counterterrorism and protective security course earlier this week. It was very well received and provided great insights into this important area. A big thank you to all those who attended this course too, making it a great success!

Following on from this, we are pleased to offer three more courses which focus on protecting crowded spaces. They examine the changing dynamics and psychosocial impacts of managing and securing events in uncertain times.

They are online and are £250 per person, per course. For enrolment and more details about each course, please follow the links below or download our flyer attached.

Upcoming Course Information

Assessing Risk In Major Events

  • Monday 28th March 2022
  • Principal facilitator: Morten Therkildsen (expert for crowd safety management in Scandinavia).
  • Through this course you will receive tools to help you to prepare a risk assessment of your event. You will also get an understanding of how to develop a risk assessment and how to implement it in your organisation.

Scientific Notions of Crowd Dynamics

  • Thursday 14 April 2022
  • Principal facilitator: Pascal Viot (specialist in crowd management and emergency planning).
  • This course will deal with the use of space by the participants of an event, and the use of space as a resource by those in charge of security and crowd management in normal or degraded situations (emergency procedure, evacuation planning, policing management, etc.)

Managing and Supervising Crowded Space and Anti-Social Environments

  • Tuesday 14 June 2022
  • Principal facilitator: Professor Chris Kemp (an authority in the management of crowded places and CEO of MOM).
  • This course will focus on the integration of safety, security and service; ensuring that competence and quality are at the centre of your workforce.

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