Interoperable Team
Interoperability – the ability to connect and communicate efficiently and in a coordinated way

Professor Chris Kemp highlights the benefits of being an interoperable team and the dangers of not working like this:

Having worked in and around the security, crowd management, health, safety, and education industries for the last forty years, I have become aware of the term “levelling at the lowest common denominator”.

This phrase is more aptly known as the “easy life option”.

In table tops and live exercises provided for a range of clients over the past twenty years, the purported and actual standing of many of those in the room is that they discourage their operatives from buying into an interoperable framework and would rather operate as a lone organisation – without feeding into or receiving information from the session. This has, in some cases, caused serious challenges at events as it can destabilise the partnerships formed which underpin the smooth running of the day or long-term event health.

Professor Chris Kemp (Mind Over Matter CEO)

‘Protecting People in Crowded Spaces’ Conference

On the 21st April at the ‘Protecting People in Crowded Spaces’ Conference run by the Security Institute, Professor Chris Kemp will be looking at the benefits of creating a fully interoperable team across a range of disciplines and the consequences of not buying into this type of ethos.

From the blame game to team fulfilment, this session explores the far-reaching idiosyncrasies of human nature and how to survive a crisis.

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Professor Chris Kemp

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