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Introduction To Crowded Space

The Event and Crowded Space Programme has been created specifically for those either already working in or wishing to take up a position in the event, crowd management, and security industries.

The event and crowded space programmes MOM deliver are a perfect example of how theory is learned and then applied in a real-time environment. All participants are required to use the knowledge and theory acquired throughout the courses and apply it to build scenarios, which are reflective of real life possible incidents. The programmes are both interactive and immersive and utilise case studies and scenario exercises as a standard delivery method.

This real-life, high pressure, hands-on approach to the event and crowded space environment is as close to the real thing as you can get. Decision-making skills are tested, patience is stretched, team dynamics are observed and the realistic timescale often means participants forget that they are in a scenario environment.

These courses are unique as they are credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University and attached to the Higher Education qualifications framework.

Crowded Space Benefits

  • We have extensive quality assurance mechanisms in place, as MOM are credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University ensuring content and delivery are of the highest standard.
  • Our tutors and facilitators are of the highest calibre and are experts in their particular field with extensive industry experience. They are second-to-none.
  • All of our programmes are taught through immersive-learning, which ensures the theoretical content is instantly applicable and tested by the participants in situ. The ‘Learning in the Round’ philosophy is key to our course delivery, as it gives those participating, the knowledge and application to immediately utilise the knowledge delivered to them and apply it to their own work environment.
  • All of our programmes are on the UK academic framework (levels 5, 6 and 7) and are at undergraduate or postgraduate level, which means those participating receive academic credits on completion.
  • All of our courses are bespoke to fit our client’s requirements. We have a large portfolio covering such diverse areas within our Executive Education and Event & Crowded Space Management, that there is something suitable for all business sectors.
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