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Introduction Into Our Consultancy

An Introduction to our Consultancy

An Introduction to our Consultancy

Deciding that consultancy advice is what you need is the first step on the path to some kind of change in your organisation. All clients have different needs and our first port of call is the expertise in the company itself and the many and varied ideas and information gateways available to us. We specialise in crowded spaces, risk, health, safety, security, and business continuity supporting our clients in short, medium and long term projects.

Areas Of Expertise

Other bespoke consultancy areas in which our specialist consultants work in:

Crowd Planning and Management

Providing crowd planning and management support for venues, festivals events and other crowded space activities.

Risk Identification, Assessment and Management

Supporting companies in the development of risk management strategies, plans and assessments to help with both compliance and growth

Issues in Crowded Spaces

Solving major and minor issues in crowded space by utilising scientific, social, psychological and other factors in an integrated approach.

Working with Difficult Customers and Clients

Providing support through expert negotiators for clients who are experiencing difficulties working with clients or partners and supporting mitigation strategies to help them find a more harmonious way of working.

Business Continuity, Planning and Management

One of the last elements in many managers’ minds is what if the business goes down during a major catastrophe as they often think “This wont happen here”. Our experts in this area are well versed in all of the possible developments that will support the creation and implementation of planning and strategic delivery to ensure that businesses can continue to operate.

Safety & Security Audits

Safety and security audits are essential in the development of new business and also in keeping all stakeholders safe. Our experts in this area work with the client to identify issues and solve them in the most effective and efficient way.

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