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Why are we so terrible at briefing teams for events?
July 21, 2017

Why are we so terrible at briefing teams at events; Simple we do it for them and not for us. The seven things to remember: Having spoken to all...

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Event Managing Unique Festival Celebrates Best of City and Country
July 17, 2017

Mind over Matter CEO, Chris Kemp carried out a project looking at the ingress and egress flow at the Lambeth Country Show this weekend. The event focusing on possible pinch points...

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The All-Female Festival: Why did it have to come to this?
July 12, 2017

Having returned from working at Roskilde Festival last week it is clear that culture has a part to play in the way that we respect gender. Females squatting and...

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Political Leadership: Whatever happened to trust, competence and the new generation?
June 27, 2017

As we survey the political landscape post-election it seems to smack of what a battlefield must feel like at the end of any conflict. There are casualties, stories of...

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