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Professor Chris Kemp

Professor Chris Kemp, CEO of Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd (MOM), has a wealth of experience and a proven record of accomplishment in the fields of event safety, risk management, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, counter-terrorism, leadership & management. Chris has provided expert support for indoor and outdoor arenas, greenfield sites, transport hubs, retail centres and almost every conceivable crowded space environment.

Chris’s latest projects for the company are extremely varied and interesting. Firstly, Chris has developed an education programme to the General Entertainment Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the delivery of crowd management strategies across the Kingdom during a time of rapid change and modernisation. Secondly, Chris has undertaken reviews of two of the largest major transport hubs in the capital, London Euston and Clapham Junction railway stations. Thirdly, Chris has developed bespoke exercises for many major venues and events across the world, including Wembley Stadium, Roskilde Festival and Olympic coaching and medical teams focusing on negotiation, leadership and management skills, adapted communication and immersive learning.

MOM has a wide range of partners and clients, and has validated evidence for the Royal Society of Medicine, the House of Commons Select Committee for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games and has been involved in the counter-terrorism initiative for events and festivals.

Chris is highly regarded in his field, as he is eminently qualified both academically and as a practitioner. He has an undergraduate degree in Human Movement Sport & Recreation Management, a Masters degree in Arts Administration and a PhD; rated as excellent, in Cognitive Psychology and Musicology from one of the most eminent universities in the world in this subject area; Jyvaskyla University in Finland. Chris is currently a Professor of Public Policy at Edinburgh Napier University.

Chris has worked in the crowded space arena for almost 35 years, starting as a practitioner in the industry, initially working as one of the top five club rock promoters in the UK, and as a venue manager; where he managed over 3000 rock, indie, theatre, comedy and dance promotions in just over a decade, sometimes promoting 10 bands a night in the club’s heyday. Secondly, as an academic, where he blazed the trail of both music and crowd management education. Thirdly, as a consultant on a range of projects in railway stations, at festivals, on event sites, and in other crowded spaces.

Recent crowded space projects

In the last two years, Chris has been involved in the delivery of a range of projects. The most recent include;

·      a report on the running of the Roskilde Festival in Denmark related to crowd management strategies (Roskilde Festival caters for 130,000 attendees).

·       a review of crowd management and security at Wacken Festival (a German Rock festival with 80,000 heavy metal fans in attendance)

·      a review of facial recognition software for We Are FSTVL (a dance festival in the UK)

·      a review of the staffing and crowd movement at Lambeth Country Show (a multi-area outdoor extravaganza near to Brixton in London)

·      a review of crowd flow and management at five of the most important railway stations in the UK.

Publications and Media

Chris has written and edited a number of books on crowd dynamics and management and his articles are widely published in a range of security, business continuity, music and crowd management periodicals, magazines and journals.


Chris was presented with the “Award for Excellence and Passion” at the European Festival Awards in 2016, for his work in crowded space management at festivals. He is known for his interdisciplinary approach to managing crowded space and through this Chris has developed many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. He created the first ever music management degree in Europe in 1997, the first ever music management postgraduate programme in 1999 and the first ever crowd management degree programme in the world in 2005.

Yourope Event Safety Group

Chris also leads the Yourope Event Safety Group (The YES Group) Steering Committee, along with Henrik Nielsen (Roskilde Festival), and has developed, promoted and delivered 25 Seminars on health, safety and crowd management across Europe. Through the YES Group, Chris has also worked with over 80 festivals across Europe, to ensure the safety and security of the crowd. The YES Group has created an amazing network that is keen to share good practice, promote constant dialogue with events and festivals throughout the year and research and develop crowded space management. Articles with other members of the steering group are regularly published and three are in the process of being published at this time.

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