MOM strive to make crowded spaces safer. We are experts in crowd safety and crowd management.

MOM provide a range of consultancy services to clients across the globe, helping them increase revenue, supporting staff development and creating innovative solutions. MOM is renowned for its ethical approach, attention to detail and providing the client with an honest, objective, and balanced opinion. Areas of expertise include health and safety evaluations, bespoke arena and venue projects, and transport hub solutions. In all our consultancy delivery we put our clients first utilising their expert knowledge to inform our work, establishing a unique relationship with each client.

Areas Of Expertise


MOM’s work across the globe varies from helping venues to increase their standing floor capacity to developing safer ingress and egress permutations, issues around crowd movement and safety and developing employees knowledge. MOM has also been working, as part of the YES group to promote safety at festivals.


MOM is different from many companies in this area as it fuses the theoretical concepts of crowd science with the key applications of the psychological and social. Clients from a range of spheres including festivals, venues, events, stadia, transport hubs, public spaces, parks and many others use MOM’s unique blend of theory and practice to help make their spaces safer.

Transport Hubs

MOM’s transport hub consultancy focuses on the development and testing of crowd management plans, HR issues, tender development, and staffing issues. Our consultants work on the delivery of reports focusing on the efficacy of plans, business continuity, staffing structures and numbers and crowd management in transport hubs. MOM provides support services including tabletop exercises, plan testing, and immersive learning activities in real time.

Counter Terrorism AND SECURITY

MOM’s high-quality immersive learning programmes support those working across the whole spectrum of counter terrorism and security both in indoor and outdoor spaces of any size or designation. The use of case studies and scenarios reflecting real-life real-time issues and challenges provide our clients with both an interactive and immersive experience.


MOM has provided expert witness testimony and reports and edited major disaster documents in both the UK and Europe. They take an objective approach, thoroughly reviewing the evidence, using timelines, putting it all into context and understanding motives, legalities, and guidance to create a comprehensive report.


MOM can provide lectures, seminars and conference keynotes in crowd safety, leadership, and management. Professor Chris Kemp provided an inaugural Professorial Public Lecture in Edinburgh for Edinburgh Napier University and has been commissioned to write several articles for major security magazines this year.


MOM has created over 40 courses covering the areas of leadership, events, crowd management, public order, risk and safety. All of MOM’s programmes are underpinned by scenario and work-based learning activities, turning theory into practice and vary in style and size, from one individual to 200.

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Why Choose Us

Expert associates who are specialists in their field and have vast experience.

Outcomes are current, relevant and instantly applicable to our clients work settings.

At the end of each consultancy project, an extensive report is produced providing the client with our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Our broad range and vast catalogue of work enables us to examine the possibilities for each client from several view points.

We use creative approaches to consultancy, which combine the latest thinking with both grounded theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Our adaptable and quality service provides customers with measured results in a time frame which is individually tailored to each client.


We were looking for a consultant to work with the team at The O2 in order to increase our floor capacity for standing concerts. When we met with Chris it was obvious from the start that he was the right man for the job. Not only was he an expert in his field but his approach and methodology was exactly what we were looking for. He worked extremely well with members of staff at all levels in the organisation and was able to communicate appropriately toeach person’s skill set. The project was completed on schedule and with the required result, a phased increase in capacity which in total gave us a 10% increase, more than was originally expected.

Steve Gotkine, Former General Manager at The O2

I can confirm that our organisation has worked with worked with Mind Over Matter / Chris Kemp on a number of training programmes for staff and event organisers over the past few years.These include crowd management, event safety and event resilience.Our experience of working with Chris and his team has been excellent and we plan to continue using his expertise in the future.I have no hesitation recommending him.He is always well prepared, is a good speaker and has a wealth of experience he can draw upon.

Torquil Macleod, VisitScotland Events Directorate

Chris Kemp, CEO of Mind Over Matter, is one of the main contributors to event and crowd education across Europe. He is a leader in this field and is a well-respected figurehead, especially in his role in Event and Crowded Space education and as a driving force in the Yourope, YES Group. Chris is always able to offer a fresh and innovative approach, whilst never forgetting the details or the big picture.

Daniel Schlatter, IVVM

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