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Our wide range of consultancy services are provided to clients across the globe, helping them increase revenue, supporting staff development and creating innovative solutions.


Our high-quality immersive crowded spaces learning programmes support those working at events, festivals, transport hubs, shopping centres and other crowded spaces.


Our Executive Education programmes are for middle and senior managers wishing to focus on leadership development and enhancing their business offering.

Consultancy Services

Crowded Spaces

Executive Education


Mind over matter

Mind Over Matter Consultancy is renowned for its expert knowledge and the quality of its course provision.

Mind Over Matter (MOM) is an alternative education and consultancy company with extensive experience in an international market place. MOM’s imaginative and dynamic approach gives a refreshing perspective on a range of aspects including crowd management, public spaces and executive education provision

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Experts in the fields of event safety, risk management, leadership, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science and counter terrorism. Download the brochure for more information.

Our Philosophy 


To inspire tomorrow’s leaders and create safer spaces.


To transform leadership practice and ensure safe crowded spaces, globally.


We uphold both professional and ethical standards whilst maintaining its creative edge.

Sectors of Work

Arenas, theatres, stadia and outdoor festivals

Corporate business and the financial sector

Crowd management and crowded space

Education and training


Healthcare trusts

Sport, leisure services and parks

Public Sector and policing

Railways, airports and other transport infrastructures

Security and counter terrorism

Third sector organisations

Transformational Partners