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Team Working
Executive Education Programmes

Our Executive Education programmes are for middle and senior managers wishing to enhance their business offer and is available in three different formats, workshop only, modular and the Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management. All programmes are tailor made for our clients needs and are credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University.

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Team Working
Event & Crowded Space Training & Education

These programmes have been created for event, crowd safety, security, risk management and health & Safety professionals to deliver theory into practice ensuring that those working at events are able to understand the issues and create solutions for them. All programmes are tailor made for our clients needs and are credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University.

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Team Working
Business Transformation Services

How do we help you change, connect to and resonate more with your business sector? We start by identifying those fundamental values and qualities, which make you unique. We create a medium to long-term transformation programme clearly setting you apart and developing opportunities to increase your prof- itability, brand penetration and impact.

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Crowd, Safety & Risk Consultancy

In all of our consultancy delivery we put our clients first utilising their expert knowledge to inform our work.A needs analysis report is created which under- pins the development of the project, Issue or process. Our expert consultants work worldwide in a range of contexts bringing their expertise to the table and helping to facilitate a positive outcome both effectively and efficiently.

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Team Working
Scenario Based Learning Portfolio

What is every company looking for to energise and get by in from their workforce? Our scenario based programmes are totally unique and unlike anything else on offer in the market. They are based in or on venues around Europe. The scenarios focus on the development of skills and cover a range of areas including decision-making, problem solving, negotiation and the change process.

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