Mind Over Matter


Legalising Cannabis
June 21, 2018

Legalising Cannabis has both its pros and cons: Treading carefully through the minefield is so important. Working in Colorado at Festivals is an interesting experience. As you may know,...

Influential Leaders: Elizabeth Sheldon
June 15, 2018

Elizabeth SheldonElizabeth’s fascinating past has taken her from nursing to commercial interior design and now, for over a decade, to forensic computingElizabeth is the Chairman of Evidence Talks Ltd and...

London Euston Station Survey
June 14, 2018

London Euston Station - We want to hear your storiesWe are involved in a project centered on what people feel about London Euston Station. The project focuses on collecting...

Own Your Own Fear: Talent Spotting
June 12, 2018

Own Your Own Fear: Talent SpottingOne of the most difficult elements of owning your own business is to spot the right talent for your company. I found this really...

Own Your Own Fear

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