Mind Over Matter


How to change the way you lead forever
June 26, 2020

How to change the way you lead forever...When you read a leadership book it is full of brilliant new ideas which have been brought together usually from existing work...

Launching MOM Counter Terrorism and Security Portfolio
June 14, 2020

Today sees the launch of the MOM Counter Terrorism and Security Portfolio. This quality submission includes courses, consultancy and executive education to create a seamless delivery based on high...

Counter Terrorism
What makes a good leader great?
June 8, 2020

Concentrating on what makes a good leader great and not a great leader good?Forget all of the academic work on leadership and just concentrate for a moment not on...

Thanks for tuning into our Cultural Life Webinar
June 3, 2020

WebEx: Small venues, individual artists, theatre companies and the public: How COVID19 and its aftermath will impact on the artistic and cultural life of BritainThis third of four Webinars dealing...

Covid- 19

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