In January 2017, Milton Keynes celebrated its 50th Birthday. The new town was born with an Act of Parliament in 1967 which approved the building of a new community of 250,000 people covering 21,869 acres of Buckinghamshire farmland and villages. It has become the largest and most ambitious of the British new towns.

Living Archive MK used this anniversary as a focus to capture the stories and memories of Milton Keynes people – from original residents to early pioneers and the newly arrived. Living Archive MK believes that “Everybody has a story to tell” and this project provides a glimpse into the lives of a cross-section of Milton Keynes people. They turned their interviews into short digital stories, known as The People’s Stories.

Professor Chris Kemp was invited to share his story as Manager of The Pitz, a live music venue in Milton Keynes, when it was starting out in 1987. He talks about their vision for the band nights and one of the most memorable gigs when Blur played.

Chris Kemp: Milton Keynes – The People’s Stories

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