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Event & Safety Management – NAA Courses

There are four new courses available this September 2022, which can go towards the NAA Professional Certificate & Diploma in Event & Safety Management. The NAA Professional Certificate & Diploma is well established as the credit-rated programme for event industry management and professionals. Each course is worth 2 academic credits (credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University), […]

MSc in Crowded Space Design, Management and Risk Analysis

The MSc in Crowded Space Design, Management and Risk Analysis is the culmination of forty years work in the crowded space environment using the knowledge and experience of a wide range of practitioners and academics to explore this captivating area. The programme wrestles with the fundamental concepts of urban and non-urban planning, the five dimensions of […]

Managing and Supervising Crowded Space and Anti-Social Environments

Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM) and Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd (CDSSL) are offering an online course which focuses on how to mitigate changing risks in the crowded space environment The course focuses on the integration of safety, security and service to ensure competence and quality are at the centre of your workforce. The course […]