What we can learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a company which works continually in crowded spaces, we know just how difficult it is to be apart from those you love, and friends that you spend so much time with. But in times of trouble, it is often that silver lining which comes to the fore. Long lost friends contacting you through Facebook, people who you thought had fallen off the edge of the planet or those you fell out with years ago suddenly come back into our lives. Simple things like reading bedtime stories across the internet to children or grandchildren, working online with others who have been associates and now become friends. Of course, being able to converse with families in a unique situation where you are forced together can be difficult but being honest with them can really help things to work. Many of us are scared, many live in denial and all of us just want it to end. The more we follow the guidelines the more possible this becomes.

I hear from many people who are working in groups away from work, having online drinks together and also eating and going to the virtual pub together. Just yesterday I had a 90-minute online chat with one of my friends in another country and this just made me feel so much better in myself. I have lined up another set of calls to make throughout the week, not really about work but just to see that everyone is getting on OK.

We do spend a lot of time grumbling about others, those that won’t self-isolate and those that hoard food. Actually, these people probably feel that they are saving their families and making sure that they have enough to get through the period. We just have to accept this because it is happening and anything that we do won’t change it unless we use draconian measures but that affects everyone. But think on the Brightside, this is when all the best of human nature comes out and we are showered with well wishes from friends and colleagues that we didn’t know cared. So, let’s count our blessings and get on with doing what we need to do and also doing good for others when we can. Stay safe and make the most of the time with your families.


Best wishes. Mind Over Matter

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