ICC World Test Championship Final (7th – 11th June)

The ICC World Test Championship Final between India and Australia is just hours away…starting on the 7th June at The Oval in London. It’s such a high profile event and could be the biggest watch this century! The rivalry between India and Australia has been made much more interesting recently by the ranks reversing with India now on top. Injuries have marred India’s journey so far, so could the fitness of their players sway the final result?

Security Challenges

Given the high profile sponsor of this event and the statements issued by a series of protesting groups, it is likely that there will be some security challenges.

It’s crucial that this event is policed and secured effectively so we’ve worked with the ECB and the ICC to mitigate as many eventualities as possible.

Our CEO says…

We are proud to have supported the ICC and the ECB in their readiness testing exercises. Planning early to face security challenges is a shrewd move.

Professor Chris Kemp


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