Women's cricket - a growing game

The popularity of women’s cricket has grown tremendously in recent times, with the game gaining recognition and respect in its own right.

In part, we believe this is because of…

  • the success of the national teams leading to greater crowd enjoyment and an increase in fan numbers.
  • sponsors and broadcasters showing a greater interest in the sport, helping to improve its popularity.
  • cricket boards making significant investments in the women’s game enabling it to be a professional sport.
  • a difference in the women’s game making it more accessible – the format is shorter, the ball weight lighter and the boundaries smaller.

Recently we have been looking at crowd behaviour at matches, the atmosphere, venue configuration and how safety, security and service are managed. It’s a fascinating area and one that we are very experienced in.

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There are lots of exciting cricket matches coming up. See the latest schedule on the ICC website here…


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