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Chris Kemp: Milton Keynes – The People’s Stories

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In January 2017, Milton Keynes celebrated its 50th Birthday. The new town was born with an Act of Parliament in 1967 which approved the building of a new community of 250,000 people covering 21,869 acres of Buckinghamshire farmland and villages. It has become the largest and most ambitious of the British new towns. Living Archive MK used this [...]

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Influential Leaders: Steffan Surdek

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Steffan SurdekA leadership development coach who believes in doing the work you love first and the money will come later. Steffan Surdek is an in-demand leadership development coach and corporate trainer. His drive is to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. As a widely recognized principal consultant, his work has [...]

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Legalising Cannabis

Posted: June 21, 2018-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Politics

Legalising Cannabis has both its pros and cons: Treading carefully through the minefield is so important. Working in Colorado at Festivals is an interesting experience. As you may know, the retail sale of Cannabis was legalised in the state in January 2014 after amendment 64 to the constitution was passed on the 6th November 2012. Colorado’s [...]

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Influential Leaders: Elizabeth Sheldon

Posted: June 15, 2018-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Influential Leaders, Leadership

Elizabeth SheldonElizabeth’s fascinating past has taken her from nursing to commercial interior design and now, for over a decade, to forensic computing Elizabeth is the Chairman of Evidence Talks Ltd and Vice President of Security for the Aerospace, Defence and Security Industry With a passion for running businesses, Elizabeth has a renewed focus on the growth [...]

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London Euston Station Survey

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London Euston Station - We want to hear your stories We are involved in a project centered on what people feel about London Euston Station. The project focuses on collecting stories about peoples experiences about the positive and negative elements of travelling to, through and from London and what can be done to improve any [...]

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Own Your Own Fear: Talent Spotting

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Own Your Own Fear: Talent Spotting One of the most difficult elements of owning your own business is to spot the right talent for your company. I found this really hard when starting out as I was worried that I would not have the right people to make the business work. I used to wake [...]

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They’ve Tied the Knot!

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MOM are delighted to send their congratulations to Hayley Rogers, MOM’s Creative Director, as she married Mark Procter in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 5th June 2018. I’m sure you will join me in wishing them the best of luck for the future. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Procter!

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