After an initial scoping session and a full review by the integrated team comprising Simon Howard, Paul Legge (Showsec), Chris Kemp (MOM) Sam Oldham, Ruth Butler, Cat McCurdie (The Roundhouse).  A further onsite meeting was held today (yesterday) to review the testing activities in situ and to discuss together how many tests should be carried out and the detail of operation needed to ensure both best practice and mitigate risks as much as possible in a Covid climate.

There are many and varied tests with a range of permutations. One of these is related to the ingress activities and temperature testing on accessing the venue. Using the latest computerised technology, temperature checking will be trialled both indoors and outdoors to identify the safest and most comfortable customer journey given the how frightening the situation at the moment can be for those wishing to attend shows and indeed those working at the venue. As well as temperature checking there is also the complication of triaging those with high temperatures until a second and third test can be delivered to ensure that those being tested are given every chance to recover from a rush from the underground station or from being in a high temperature before arriving. This will also be tested both inside and outside and in various formations and areas. Many of the tests are being conducted even though they may not be used just for the peace of mind of the event providers as there may also be elements to learn from those permutations not agreed.

A number of alternative methods of ingress and egress are also being trialled as well as bar queuing and the way in which customers are taken into the venue. Many of the transactions will now only be on-line but there will still need to be some support where tickets are faulty or other elements do not work as envisaged. Queuing and other aspects of merchandising and hospitality are also being trialled to ensure efficacy and all must be compliant with Government and sector guidance although this may change before the first reduced capacity real event. The testing phase will be carried out with volunteers and each test will be duplicated under different conditions to ensure different kinds of arts performance are also taken into consideration. Further to this Backstage movement and production support will also be tested so that the best possible directional flow can be agreed upon. Once the tests have been conducted the team will meet again to decide on which elements will be employed to give all stakeholders the safest and best possible experience.

This type of testing can only be carried out with the buy in of all parties and an integrated and comfortable provision of high-level conversation where everyone is open to all ideas.

If you are interested in hearing more please contact CK on 07834 140598.

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