COVID testing at the Roundhouse

At the beginning of the month, the Roundhouse, Mind over Matter and Showsec teams conducted forty tests with the help of almost thirty volunteers in advance of the Roundhouse, London opening in the future. The tests were carried out with observation and support from the Environmental Health Officer, Paramedics, two Covid Compliance Officers and the Metropolitan police and all were carried out under Covid safe regulations.

Further on from this, last week the Roundhouse carried out their first test event for Covid opening with members of the public for a private event. The revised ingress, egress and circulation systems worked well and incorporated the temperature checking screening externally. All aspects went according to plan and the flow rates for normal Covid ingress were the same as for a normal show as already tested and now verified. This is a really important point as it shows that you don’t need to cram everyone into the venue entrance to get them up to a decent flow rate but that by just using careful queue management the flow rate is the same with less stress. Thanks to the Roundhouse and Showsec teams for their time and effort in creating a safe system for this phase of the Covid-19 story. I am sure that this will not be the last chapter.

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