MOM and CDSSL offering courses about protecting crowded spaces
Protecting crowded spaces – an introducturory course and four bespoke courses.

Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM) and Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd (CDSSL) are offering a programme suite of four bespoke courses which focus on protecting crowded spaces. They examine the changing dynamics and psychosocial impacts of managing and securing events/venues in uncertain times.

Each course is stand alone or can be taken as a suite. They are online and are £250 per person, per course or the full programme suite is £1000 per person.
Special company rates can be arranged if applicable.

For enrolment and for details about each course, please follow the links below:

13th December 2021 – Assessing Risk In Major Events

17th January 2022 – Scientific Notions of Crowd Dynamics

14th February 2022 – Managing and Supervising Crowded Space and Anti-Social Environments

7th March 2022 – Counter Terrorism & Protective Security Awareness

The courses will be delivered by key industry figures;

  • Morten Therkildsen (expert for crowd safety management in Scandinavia).
  • Pascal Viot (specialist in crowd management and emergency planning).
  • Professor Chris Kemp (an authority in the management of crowded places and CEO of MOM).
  • Peter Dalton (International Protective Security Consultant).

The facilitators will focus on how both theoretical and practical aspects are being re-examined and re-imagined as we continue to work outside what we perceived as the normal. The protect duty and Covid-safe aspects of today’s society will also feature.

These four, one day specific courses follow a one-day introductory course – Physical and Psychosocial Aspects of Protecting Crowded Space. This lays the foundations for the four individual courses. It is free and is online on the 30th September 2021.

For further details about this programme suite or any of the individual courses, please contact MOM
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