Professor Chris Kemp in Veganuary

Many people are trying to follow a plant based diet this January for ‘Veganuary‘ – a charitable initiative which aims to end animal farming, protect the planet and improve health.

Professor Chris Kemp has been on a meat and dairy free diet for many years and for him there’s no turning back…

“Having chosen to eat vegan food because of a health condition, I thought that changing from meat and dairy to plant based foodstuffs would be an uphill climb. However, owing to the vast array of choice and really tasty options, I was very wrong. Although I can’t preach about veganism, when my daughter Hayley, who owns the Quirk Space Vegan Cafe in Olney spoke on the radio the other night, I was impressed by the way she focused on the health benefits and flexible nature of the foods on offer. If I had the chance to go back to eating the way that I did, I don’t think that now I would be easily convinced to do so”

The Quirk Space is a 100% vegan cafe and coffee bar, bringing independent retail and a creative event/workshop space to the heart of Olney, Buckinghamshire. Find out more here:

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