Crowd Dynamics

Whether we are talking about a festival, a theatre, a stadium or gatherings in public space, the crowd behaves in relation to the environment and context provided. The success of an event can stem from an understanding of crowd behaviour and dynamics.

Anticipating congestion or high-density zones, calculating audience flows and providing clear communication to the attendees are key aspects in ensuring effective and efficient crowd management. The design, space and timing of an event are all crucial elements.

‘Scientific Notions of Crowd Dynamics’

Our course ‘Scientific Notions of Crowd Dynamics’ will examine these elements and will provide alternative crowd management methodologies. It will lead to broader thinking about security challenges and their solutions. This course will be delivered online on the 14th April 2022 from 2-7pm and costs £250.

Dr Pascal Viot, an expert in crowded space management, leads this exciting interactive programme produced by Cranfield Studios. He will focus on what a crowd is, what crowd management means in practice and how recent academic research on crowds helps us to rethink our crowd management strategies.

For part of this one-day programme Pascal is joined by Dr Jean Christophe Paris who will talk about new dimensions in crowd profiling and communication.

This interactive course provides participants with the tools to improve their crowd management skills with the help of new theoretical and practical approaches – combining security studies, crowd psychology, dynamics, analysis of the customer journey and crowd risk management strategies.

Find out more about our course called ‘Crowd Sciences and Crowd Management In Practice’ on the Cranfield (CDSSL) website here…

Key Speaker – Dr Pascal Viot

The key speaker is Pascal Viot who is a specialist in crowd management and emergency planning.

Active in event safety management since 1992, Pascal has been involved in many sporting (football), cultural (concerts, festivals) and business (conferences, exhibitions) events on various scales, in Switzerland and Europe.

A sociologist and a researcher in the field of risk and urban safety analysis, Pascal achieved his PhD in 2013.

He is Head of Department Heath, Safety & Security for the Paleo Festival and since 2008, also a member of the steering group of the YES Group (Yourope Event Safety Group, consortium of European major festivals). In 2016, Pascal created iSSUE, the Swiss Institut for Urban and Event Safety.

The Mind Over Matter and Cranfield University Partnership

This is one of the courses developed by Mind Over Matter and Cranfield University (CDSSL). Together we provide new and alternative education programmes. We combine resources and intellectual property to deliver new and exciting ideas. 

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